Theme Update: Fresh February

Since I was inspired to complete 12 fresh goals for the 12 months of 2016, it is time for a little update on my life.

January Goals and successes.

New job as an administrative assistant: Interviewed on 1/4, Met staff and offered job on 1/11, First day 1/18. Told the country club that I would only like to work Banquets for the time being and I’m still at the teen center but only on Friday nights.

RunCHAARG: Was a success and logged 40/30 bolts with Stephanie. It’s one of the first Chaarg events that I’ve completed and I felt sooo good after doing so.

February Update:
BOUGHT A UKULELE: I bought a ukulele on the last day of January and it arrive ON THE THIRD! Literally 4 days after. It came with a case, and I bought two year insurance with it and a wall mount for when I decide to hang it up after playing instead of the case. So far I have already learned chords but the transitioning between them is a little shaky sometimes. First songs to learn: Tally Hall’s Just Apathy, Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man, and other popular songs. SO EXCITED TO BEGIN A NEW MUSICAL JOURNEY.

Spring Break Fit Plan has begun and we are a full week finished. And I have yet to nail down a routine so while I haven’t been fitting in the gym time as I would have liked, it hasn’t stopped me from eating healthier and trying to be happier. It’s been a challenge. Some of the thoughts about myself hasn’t been that positive but I’m trying really hard to change that. It’s difficult and I do not feel worth it sometimes. But I can’t let that bother me, Chaarg has my back and I should start communicating how I feel but it’s hard because there are so many better things to have others worry about.

New Faces: As Elisabeth explained her goals for 2016, one was to make a new friend for every month. Recently I have been trying that. Not necessarily making a brand new friend, but getting to know the people around me. And it’s been something else. The first one, has been a coworker from the country club. I met him around May of last year and he’s been every bit of a flirt that I have been trying to avoid. He is however, quite charismatic, intelligent, and has similar taste in music as I do. He is good conversation and very fun to be around for understanding Grey’s and liking Trivia nights at the local bar as I do. He can talk to anyone which is something that shakes me up because I used to do the same. His confidence mirrors something in me that I find very familiar and I’m not quite sure what it is, but he himself is familiar. And I’m not just saying this because we’ve had sex together, I felt this before that. The feeling that somehow we’ve met before and I can continue conversation with him.  A friend in which some people have not anticipated me being with and people are surprised. People are probably talking, but let them talk. What they say is not a direct reflection on me, and I shouldn’t worry about it. For now, he is someone I can rely on, at least for the time being.


Unfortunately I have not heard back from any graduate programs yet, but OSU is due on March First so I will be tackling that one very soon. Fingers crossed.


That is it in my world! My most important February goal is to be more current on here. No one is listening to me ramblings of a post grad yet, but one day. And this isn’t for others, this is for me; although more than willing to share.

Goodbye for now, Happy Galentine’s Day and have a better tomorrow!


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