April Showers; yada, yada, yada etc.

New Month, New Theme!

Lately I’ve been having a hard time figuring out which theme to give the month of April. For me, it’s kind of a dull and boring month. Aside from my undergraduate graduation happening in April last year, it’s really not a big month for me personally.

Currently I had no achieved March’s goal for the month , however I will be doing that this coming Monday. The whole getting paid not every other week for my main job is really frustrating sometimes but I will still reach of goal for the month. I know it’s an easy month but getting a passport is a big step for not just traveling personally, but if I choose to do study abroad, (which I TOTALLY WILL), then it’ll push me in not only personal growth but with my education and professionally as well.

While I have not officially announced to the world of people I know, I am accepting Case Western’s offer, and I fully plan on attending in August. The timing is too perfect. My lease ends in July, I’ll have to move anyway and orientation is in the middle of August and classes will start up soon after that. Everything fell together too perfectly for me to not go.

That being said I think I need to edit my future themes for the upcoming months.
March: Apply/obtain passport (currently completing on 4/4-darn pay periods.
April: Tattoo; talk with tattoo artist and by the end of the month have a date/outline on myself.
May: Travel somewhere. Probably in the US so it’s cheaper and I can still save for Case, but traveling is a must, either east coast or west coast or maybe Florida, who knows. Ya girl needs some sunshine.
June: One last drive up to Alpena and over to Kalamazoo during the summer at least. I’ll think of something better soon.
August: Start a new life in Cleveland, Ohio for Case Western Reserve University’s graduate program


AND THAT IS MY LIFE FOR THE NEXT FIVE MONTHS. It’s terrifying, like I’m legitimately scared a bit of starting something so new to me and different.

Fingers crossed I’ll survive the long haul!


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