Sincerely, Me

After receiving a Bachelors in Social Work from Eastern Michigan University, Renee took a year off from school (not her first choice, but reapplying!) to take a look at the “real world” for what it really is –scary and alone. Searching for that elusive career that everyone seems to rave about, but instead she’s currently working three jobs; a server at a country club, sales associate, and ‘mentor’ (jk, it’s glorified babysitting) for middle and high school students. Writing/venting/crying about what is happening to her while sipping on Starbucks coffee, petting her cat, and trying to make it all come together without having the daily mental breakdowns. You’ll see her spending her free time playing a video game with her roommates/coworkers or looking busy writing and reading mostly at Literati in downtown Ann Arbor.

Hire me, I don’t disappoint.


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